2022 / 80 pages / in German / 17x24cm / self-published / for sale
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Wenn Anders (genannt Andi) doch nur wüsste, was sein Problem ist. Weiß er aber nicht. Wirklich nicht. Oder? Nee.
„Warnebi“ erzählt humorvoll von der großen Verunsicherung zu merken, dass irgendetwas im Leben nicht ganz passt, aber nicht benennen zu können, was genau.
Die Hauptfigur Andi arbeitet in einem kleinen Souvenirladen an der pinken Lagune „Warnebi“. Eigentlich mag er seinen routinierten Job und seinen vorhersehbaren Alltag. Doch ist er seit einer Weile unzufrieden. Nur womit? Auf der Suche nach einer Antwort wagt Andi ein Life Coaching bei der immer-selbstbewussten Nille. Statt klarer scheint dadurch aber alles noch verwirrender zu werden. Vor allem als sich Andi in seiner Unbeholfenheit in einen Konflikt mit seinem Kollegen Lund verstrickt...
„Warnebi“ is a story about the nagging sense in the back of your head saying: „Something has to change“ - but neither do you know what exactly nor where to start looking. More often than not the answer seems to be right in front of you but it takes a while for you to be able to see it, accept it and be brave enough to act on it.
Anders, called Andi, is working in a small souvenir shop at the pink lagoon „Warnebi“. He has always liked the calm predictability of his life, but lately, something has started to feel off about it. Unable to tell where the problem lies, Andi seeks the help of self-proclaimed life coach Nille. Nille, quick to judge, soon urges Andi to re-evaluate his job decision, which makes Andi feel even more confused about his situation. On top of it, there are the daily awkward encounters with his reserved coworker Lund, who seems immune to and even displeased by Andi’s stumbling attempts at bonding. The story switches back and forth between Andi’s struggle with Lund at work and his seemingly wrong-directed coaching sessions with Nille. As the story progresses, both worlds start to collide until eventually, all three characters come face-to-face with their insecurities and their very own way of dealing with them.
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